operations, purchasing, and financing

Improve your operational efficiency while increasing employee satisfaction. Streamline employee payroll and food purchasing. Need additional cash to finance an interior remodel or to provide working capital? We can help.

Payroll Paycards

Save time and money for you and your employees by eliminating payroll checks. BRILLIAN offers cards linked to “checkless” checking accounts for employees who do not have a bank account. Used today by the word’s largest retailer, payroll cards can save employers and employees hundreds of dollars per year in fees and charges.

Online Product Sourcing/Purchasing

Reduce the time and complexity of ordering food and supplies. Online merchant sites specifically catering to the restaurant and hospitality industry eliminate redundancy and bookkeeping. A few minutes online replaces phone calls and message machines. Purchase local produce directly from the supplier.

Cash Advance, Leasing and Fund-Thru-Food Programs

Money is available for restauranteurs and other merchants to finance both small and big ticket items. Cash advances are often a quicker, more convenient option to traditional borrowing which may be impossible to obtain. Leasing options for new equipment like wireless terminals reduce or eliminate upfront fees associated with new technology deployment. Dining reward programs provide upfront capital for later food purchases.